Along the bus ride you’ll have some interesting stops like Patococha (Duck Lake) with spectacular landscapes, the carbonated water of Pumapampa, the Puya raimondi plants which are also the world’s largest bromeliads and can reach up to 10m in height. The springs of Pumapashimin are stunning with their changing colours that depend on the position and brightness of the sun. Getting to the glacier parking area there’s a walk of 45min to 1 hour to reach the retreating Pastoruri Glacier at 5,000m altitude.


A full day trekking trip with breath-taking views and beautiful lakes of different colours. Probably one  of  the  best  known  day  treks  with  blue  and  turquoise  lakes  that  feature  in  virtually  all promotional  materials  for  the  Cordillera  Blanca  and  Huascarán  National  Park. A moderate  to difficult day trek that requires a medium level of fitness at least and definitely some acclimatisation which will ensure you can enjoy every minute of the fantastic panoramas that the Llanganuco area provides. Perú’s highest mountain, Huascarán at 6,768m is also visible from various sections of the trek.


Good acclimatisation day hike that passes some local villages and offers splendid views over the Cordillera Blanca. Not visited by groups, this hike also offers the opportunity to have a relaxing day and taking your time exploring around the Wilcacocha area and/or chatting to villagers along your hike. It is a great choice for a shorter half day hike to take in stunning and beautiful panoramas of snowy mountains.


Lake Churup is certainly one of the most beautiful lakes in the Cordillera Blanca. Surrounded by beautiful snow covered peaks within an Andean landscape, Churup is a beautiful turquoise green and crystalline lagoon. Reaching the lake does take a good deal of effort; at the end of the steep walk you will have to climb a small 9 meter rock wall with installed ropes to assist you. From the Laguna Churup you can explore the second lake (laguna) higher up called Churupita; an ascent of 80 minutes to the lagoon.

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